How to Dress for Success

November 2011


Speaker: Lauren Rothman


Please join WLMA for cocktails and an insightful presentation on How to Dress for Success with guest speaker Lauren Rothman, a fashion, style, and trend expert and founder of Styleauteur. Lauren is regularly featured in the media, covering a wide range of topics from fashion trends and style strategies to wardrobe management. She is a contributing author to The Fashion Whip and the Huffington Post, and most recently in the Washingtonian magazine.


Lauren will share her perspectives on style and image, incorporating the top trends for Fall and how to dress at work without losing your own sense of style.




Becoming a Financially Wise Woman

November 2011


Speaker: Brittney Castro

The Women's Leadership and Mentoring Alliance (WLMA), an invitational mentoring alliance of professional women, invites you to join us for a discussion with Brittney Castro, Certified Financial Planner, and learn:


  • How to uncover Your Money Personality

  • Why a financial strategy is important

  • The different life stages women go through and how to plan for them

  • Some basic financial planning strategies to help take control of your financial future


Brittney Castro specializes in comprehensive financial planning to help individuals and business owners take control of their financial future and provide a financial legacy for their families.  She focuses her practice on understanding the unique challenges women and their families face when it comes to planning for the future.  Working one on one to determine short and long term goals, she applies her knowledge and expertise to develop retirement, investment, tax management, and estate planning strategies.  As a financial planner, she empowers clients with a solid actionable financial plan with the goal to ensure they are confident making informed financial decisions.



LinkedIn Best Practices

Ocotober 2011

Speaker: J.D. Gershbein

With over 120 million users, LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. LinkedIn is allowing people to expand their professional reach, make strategic connections, build virtual communities, and promote their enterprises. 


This information-packed session touches on the following points:


  • Capturing and Bolstering your Personal Brand
  • Capitalizing on your Compelling LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  • LinkedIn Communication Theory and Business Etiquette
  • Building a Tightly-Knit Professional Network on LinkedIn
  • Cultivating Business Opportunities in the LinkedIn Groups
  • Heightening Credibility via LinkedIn Recommendations 
  • Establishing a Framework for Time Management on LinkedIn
  • Translating LinkedIn activities into tangible, real world results






Non-Profit Board Expo, National Companies Seeking Board Members

September 2011



Helen Quick



Tiffany Dufu

Jessica Grounds

Melanie Hudson

Leslie Thornton

Women represent 48% of the workforce, but comprise only 15% of the nation's boards of directors. WLMA is working to change that and is hosting a special Fall event, which brings together WLMA women with leaders of local and national non-profit organizations who are interested in increasing involvement within their organizations, in particular, many are seeking qualified candidates for their board of directors.

Please join us for a short panel discussion on how to navigate non-profit board service, followed by an intimate meet and greet with representatives from participating non-profit organizations over a glass of wine and passed hors d'oeuvres in the Sewall-Belmont House & Museum, home of the historic National Women's Party. The non-profits will be located throughout the house in an expo-style forum for you to meet and learn more about the organizations and their volunteer needs.










Our Perspective on the Global Economic Outlook

June 2011


Speaker: Beata Kirr


The Women's Leadership and Mentoring Alliance (WLMA), an invitational mentoring alliance of professional women, invites you to join us for a discussion with Beata Kirr, Senior Portfolio Manager at Bernstein Global Wealth Management.


Beata Kirr is a Senior Portfolio Manager in the Chicago office and a member of the Private Client Investment Policy Group at Bernstein Global Wealth Management.  Prior to joining Bernstein in 2007, Kirr was with Harris Alternatives LLC, a global fund of hedge funds, and advised investment consultants, institutions and high-net-worth investors on the use of the firm’s fund offerings within their broad asset allocation. Previously, she was with Goldman Sachs, where she advised corporate clients and institutional asset managers in the institutional equities, mergers and acquisitions, and equity capital markets divisions.









Lessons for Success - A Conversation with DC Area Women Business Leaders

May 2011



Karen Lockwood


 Tammy Duckworth

Tina Sung

Eileen M. O'Connor


Please join WLMA for an insightful panel discussion on innovative leadership concepts with DC area women luminaries. Hear from a former U.S. Marine, an international and White House correspondent and a former executive leader who served with both Democratic and Republican administrations on how they were able to identify and take advantage of new career opportunities. They will bring their unique experiences and perspectives to the conversation and provide insights on how you can achieve your long-term career goals. 








“Blueprinting” Women - 

Developing Your Plan for Success in Networking, Mentoring, Flexibility, Leadership & Promotion


May 2011


Speaker: Deborah Epstein


Over the past four decades, women have entered the workforce in such large numbers that women now hold nearly 48% of the jobs.  Yet, at each transition up the ranks, more women are left behind.  Why is it that so many women do not achieve their full potential as leaders?


The Women's Leadership and Mentoring Alliance (WLMA), an invitational mentoring alliance of professional women from a variety of industries, invites you to join us for a discussion with Deborah Epstein Henry, a nationally recognized expert on workplace restructuring, talent management, work/life balance, and the retention and promotion of women, with a focus on lawyers.  In a lively, engaging and interactive format, Debbie will share her ideas for “blueprinting” women and identify effective tools for success in networking, mentoring, flexibility, leadership and promotion.


A former practicing litigator, Debbie is President of Flex-Time Lawyers LLC, a national consulting firm she founded in the late 1990s, to focus on new models of legal practice, work/life balance and women. She is the author of LAW & REORDER: Legal Industry Solutions for Restructure, Retention, Promotion & Work/Life Balance.  Debbie is a sought after consultant and speaker before audiences including law firm management, general counsels, lawyers, professionals outside of law, and students, as well as women lawyers, women professionals, and law student groups.











Co Co. Sala- Wine, Cheese and Chocolate

March 2011


Spring into the season with WLMA!  Join us for a networking happy hour at Co Co. Sala Chocolate Boutique and Lounge where participants will have a chance to make new connections and enter a raffle to win a designer purse.  All proceeds will go to the Women's Center.










Eliminating Workplace Bias by Understanding Gender Communication Differences

February 2011 (National Event Via Satellite)


Speaker: Andrea S. Kramer   


Offering tips for eliminating bias in the workplace and leveling the playing field for both men and women, Andie will:


  • Teach ways to understand differences in gender communication styles
  • Provide techniques that men and women can use to become more effective communicators and to maximize their business development potential, whether with existing or new clients or within their own workplaces
  • Illustrate how training can eliminate gender biases in evaluations and reviews
  • Address recent reports and suggestions for improvements