National Event – New York City (simulcast in other regions)

March 26

Use Your Brain! – The Neuroscience Behind Difference 

The human brain skews toward bias. We are wired to process difference in a way that unconsciously influences decision making and impacts our interactions with colleagues and clients. We're also on the receiving end of bias as women professionals, and addressing this is critical to our career advancement. Only by understanding our blind spots can we build inclusive environments, and enhance our leadership abilities, business development, and team effectiveness!


Please join WLMA and special guest, Ritu Bhasin , to explore strategies for addressing our unconscious biases and associated discomfort with the difference rooted in our unconscious brain, including how women professionals can address the bias we experience. She will teach us to leverage these concepts for leadership growth, to help us in our career advancement, and to develop tools to bridge differences in any work environment.


Ritu is a People Strategist and Diversity Specialist and is the Founder and Principal of bhasin consulting inc. She has a breadth of consulting and training expertise in leadership, people management, and diversity programming, as well as acts as a career and leadership coach.




Chicago, IL

March 6

WLMA/EPWNG Mentoring ‘Kick-Off’ Cocktail Party




National Event - Chicago, IL (simulcast in other regions)

 April 8

“Getting the Compensation and Promotion You Deserve: Reflections on Equal Pay Day”


Current statistics show that women make 77% of compensation received by their male counterparts.  At this rate, women’s compensation will catch up to men in the year 2056.  Please join us on Tuesday, April 8th when Andrea S. Kramer, partner, McDermott Will & Emery LLP will present "Getting the Compensation and Promotion You Deserve: Reflections on Equal Pay Day."  Andie's presentation will include:


  • Manage gender communication differences to your advantage
  • Get the compensation and promotion you deserve
  • Now, go get it


Andrea S. Kramer, is a partner in the law firm of McDermott Will & Emery LLP, resident in its Chicago office. She heads the Firm's Financial Products, Trading and Derivatives Group. She was a member of its Management Committee and Compensation Committee.  She is the founding chair of its Gender Diversity Committee. (more) 




Washington, DC

May 15

Demystifying Generational Differences

For the first time in history, the American workforce spans three separate generations -- the Baby Boomers, Generation X and the Millennials – each with a different and distinct approach to their job and careers.  Each of these generations has vastly different perspectives, divergent priorities and even uses completely different means of communication -- so much so that navigating the cross generational waters to align a team in strategic thinking or even to come to an understanding on where and when work will be done can seem near impossible.


At our next event, we will have two nationally known experts demystify these generational differences and debunk widely held myths held by one generation about the other.  The session will also offer practical recommendations to help all the generations find and appreciate the value proposition each brings to the workforce to raise the collective profile of all.


Speakers include:


  • Manar Morales, The Diversity & Flexibility Alliance




Washington, DC

July 16th

Ready, Set, Mentor! 

Join WLMA's Speed Mentoring Event 

Love What You Do ▪ Love Who You Are 

Never Give Up ▪ Seek Trusted Mentors


WLMA's Speed Mentoring events were created to multiply the opportunities you have to build relationships.


Spend an evening with inspiring women who want to help you solve your biggest challenges, no matter what stage you are in your career, while enjoying a glass of wine and breathtaking views of Washington, DC. 



Los Angeles, CA

August 14th

What to Wear to Work

Style Presentation


Need a workwear wardrobe refresh?  Ready to move your fashion forward?  Wondering what the trends will be for the upcoming Fall season? 


Join us for some summer fun, socializing and shopping at Bloomingdale’s! 


Event includes:


  • Mingling with other WLMA members 


  • Presentation on how to incorporate current and upcoming trends into workwear and how to go from day-to-night


  • 15% Off Shopping Pass (20% Off if $300+ with a Bloomingdale’s Credit Card)



Chicago, IL

September 30th

"How To Achieve Your Goals by Simply Doing Three Things a Day"


Lisa Dietlin, president and CEO of Lisa M. Dietlin and Associates will discuss "How to Achieve Your Goals by Simply Doing Three Things a Day.  Ms. Dietlin will provide helpful ideas, derived from her experience in the nonprofit arena and in business consulting, on where to start, doing the 'hard' things, seizing opportunities and how listening just might be the key to it all. Her fifth book, The Power of Three: How to achieve your goals by simply doing three things a day,  was published in June 2014. 


Please join us for an evening of cocktails, appetizers and conversation. 



National Event Chicago, IL (simulcast in other regions)

October 15th

Do you have a Strategic Approach to Sales?  

Consider transforming how you sell!


Major changes in the business world often spring from new developments that are little noted or heeded at first by the companies soon to be affected by them. But like a rock dropped in a pond, these events set off ripples that sweep through entire industry sectors, creating must-have service needs.  Even with lean budgets, companies must respond to urgent changes and emerging threats in their industries. Thus they will buy services from the sellers who can help them detect, understand, and cope with what's coming their way.


Please join WLMA and special guest Scott Paczosa  onWednesday, October 15, 2014 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.(est) to explore new and better approaches to selling as discussed in his recent book,"Selling Professional and Financial Services Handbook." The solution is not a new twist on face-to-face selling techniques or the art of persuasion, but rather a strategic approach built around a simple fact: the markets are tight but far from static. Scott will discuss today's dynamic markets and explore the many ways to sell ahead of the game instead of struggling to keep up with it.


Scott is a Managing Director at Navigant Consulting with a Global Leadership role in Strategic Initiatives, identifying emerging issues and developing strategic responses to breaking market developments.  He has spent more than 20 years coordinating a wide array of services to clients from Fortune 10 corporations to law firms across numerous industries. 





Los Angeles, CA

December 8, 2014

WLMA Holiday Mixer


Eat, drink and be merry!!  Join us for some holiday fun and socializing with other WLMA members and a holiday boutique where you can mingle, eat, drink and pick up some holiday gifts.