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The Women’s Leadership & Mentoring Alliance (WLMA) is an invitational mentoring alliance of professional women learning, exchanging and advancing at every stage of their lives and careers. This dynamic organization makes meaningful connections between women working in professional services firms through events, education and mentoring. By sharing values, contributions and experiences, our members improve women’s leadership individually and collectively for both private and public interests.




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The Goldilocks Dilemma

Andrea S. Kramer & Alton B. Harris


Why Career Advancement Is So Much Harder for Women Than Men and What Women Can Do to Change That


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The 10 Best BigLaw Firms For Female Attorneys

By Cristina Violante


Law360, New York (April 18, 2016) -- BigLaw continues to struggle with gender equality, but 10 powerhouse firms outpaced their peers, with women comprising nearly 40 percent of their ranks, according to Law360's Glass Ceiling report.


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Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously with Andrea Kramer








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What You Need to Know about Negotiating Compensation

July 2013

Presented by the ABA Presidential Task Force on Gender Equity and the Commission on Women in the Profession

Study after study has long shown that women lawyers are not paid at the same level as their male counterparts. In August 2012, American Bar Association President Laurel G. Bellows appointed a blue-ribbon Task Force on Gender Equity to recommend solutions for eliminating gender bias in the legal profession, with a principal focus on the disparity in compensation between male and female partners. Andrea Kramer, WLMA's President, has co-authored this guide which is one in a series of projects the Task Force has implemented to promote gender equity.








Progress Report: The Equal Pay Act a Half-Century Later

By Pat Sturdevant

Los Angeles Daily Journal: March 2013


This year marks a half century since the passage of the Equal Pay Act, which outlawed wage discrimination between men and women in the same establishment who perform jobs requiring substantially equal skill, effort and responsibility under similar working conditions.  This guarantee of equal pay for equal work for America's women was signed by John F. Kennedy in 1963 and codified as part of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938.


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Andrea Kramer: Promoting Gender Equality


Chicago Lawyer Magazine: February 2012

As Part of the Yearlong, Inspiration Series 

Andie Kramer, a partner at McDermott, Will  & Emery, was the subject of an article in February'sChicago Lawyer Magazine.  The article is part of a yearlong series that profiles people who are thinking outside the box and inspiring their colleagues.  The article on Andie describes her as an “inspiring innovator” and emphasizes her ideas and leadership on gender equality and communication in the workplace. 


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