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Categories of Membership






Membership Overview



WLMA members fall into one or more of the following four career-stage categories:


  • Executive - Women who hold executive responsibilities for their ?rms.
  • Management - Women with staff supervisory responsibilities.
  • Professionals - Women in the early years of their professional careers.
  • In Transition - Women who are re-entering the workforce or between jobs.



Membership Benefits


Individual - $75


  • Enjoying shared common values 
  • Inspiring, transformative experience
  • Building connections across industries and generations
  • Fostering a safe and supportive community of successful women
  • Strengthening skill development
  • Providing support within business groups
  • Quality educational programs
  • Continuing education credit (for eligible seminars)
  • Discounted event registration fees
  • Membership Directory (Member Only)
  • Mentoring Program (additional fee to participate)

*Corporate Membership - $1,500

  •  Two (2) individual memberships
  • Advisory board participation



*Sponsor Membership - $3,000


  •  Four (4) individual memberships Advisory board participation
  • Sponsorship recognition at regional events Facilitate connections to other sponsoring members
  • Logo included on signage for related event
  • Logo/company link included in all event promotional materials and invitations






* Includes:

Engagement/Visibility with a group of committed professional women

Career Development and skills advancement for women

Commitment to diversity

Business development training

Discounted rates for exclusive WLMA events

Logo on website including link to your website